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Ickee Stikeez series 1 toys

I got an email recently asking if my boys wanted to a new toy, just released, called ickee Stickeez. Knowing nothing of these toys my original thought was they may want them but from that name alone I want nothing to do with them. The idea of another messy toy the boys can use to ruin my day seemed like… Read more →

Giveaway: Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders

The boys and I got the opportunity to test out the new¬†Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders, a tiny RC car from Hot Wheels and so far we have managed to keep track of the little guy and take turns with it, but I’m not sure how long that will last. We are big fans of cars in this house, the boys… Read more →

Nothing beats Other Kids Toys

Every parent has seen the effect that other kid’s toys have their own children. They are magic items filled with power even when they are exactly the same as the toys at their house. We had meet up with some friends from Primo’s preschool and I watched as the boys sat in awe of the collection of cars in the… Read more →

Sometimes the answer is no

After a gusty storm blew threw the neighborhood the bamboo fence peeled away from the house next door revealing a ridable fire truck. When we headed out of the house to go to school the boys both saw the toy and ran to the fence asking if they could ride on it before school. Our next door neighbors are friendly… Read more →