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I Roar (a post from the working mom)

This weekend there were a number of things working against me. It was cold and rainy for the first time after a lovely but too-short summer; our dinner party was a raving success and so inevitably we are coming down into that post party-nothing-to-look-forward-to slump; the boys have converged in the most annoyingly simultaneous whiney stages; I have a really… Read more →

On riding two wheeled bikes

As the working parent, there are often milestones and poignant moments that I miss out on inĀ  my kids’ lives. James, with the very quantity of time he spends with the boys guarantees a certain statistical advantage for being the one to witness these developments. But today, as I rode home with Primo from Fred Myron I noticed how little… Read more →

So I worry

I’ve found that the key benchmark delineating the part of your life that is childhood from the part of your life that is adulthood has nothing to do with stability or maturity or age but with the onslaught of the uncontrolled need to worry. And if the quantity of worrying translated to an amount of adulthood, I would be a… Read more →

Chaos, you win…

One of the main reasons I was not good at staying home was that I go crazy when the house is in chaos, which any of you who have children knows is pretty much all of the time. I would sweep the kitchen floor only to have some small person with a cracker traipse through and spread crumbs hansel/gretel style… Read more →