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Anxiety by proxy

He’s been the one most excited and the one most conflicted about the coming addition to our family. Our little Segundo is seeing the biggest transition in his role in our family and we are seeing that played out in a changing array of anxieties and excitement. When he heard the ¬†you couldn’t get the smile off his face. He… Read more →

So I worry

I’ve found that the key benchmark delineating the part of your life that is childhood from the part of your life that is adulthood has nothing to do with stability or maturity or age but with the onslaught of the uncontrolled need to worry. And if the quantity of worrying translated to an amount of adulthood, I would be a… Read more →

He’s a little Vince Lombardi

Last night after a dinner of leftovers and corn on the cob Beautiful and I were sitting on the couch talking about work and finances and life. We talked about how far we have come in paying off loans and managing the small budget we have and wondered when and how Beautiful would move up in her job. Would we… Read more →